The Tennessee Titans shocked the NFL world by trading A.J. Brown on draft night for the opportunity to draft Treylon Burks. Their wide receivers will be massively important and Burks is perhaps the biggest X-factor.

According to Turron Davenport of ESPN, the Titans are going all out to get Burks ready for the NFL grind. Although his progress has been slowed down due to asthma issues, the team's veterans are helping him get mental reps in. Tannehill said that they have been in constant communication.

“We’ve had a lot of conversations as we’re watching tape and talking through the reps that other guys have had,” Tannehill said. “Just wanting to make sure he’s hearing it, sees what I’m looking for and kind of hearing what he’s thinking. We’re communicating. Then whenever the time comes for him to be out there running with us, we’ll take advantage of those reps.”

Veteran wide receiver Robert Woods said that Titans coaches constantly pick Burks' brain to get him acclimated to the offense. The position group's coach, Rob Moore, said that he is doing great.

“They were always throwing out questions, picking his brain. So he was always on the hot seat. We’re just doing that so he can pick up the offense as fast as he can.”

Burks showed a lot of promise during his time with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Although he will not be expected to become as good as Brown right away, he will need to be a key player in the Titans' passing game.

Replacing Brown's production won't be easy, as he was a 1,000-yard receiver in each of his first two seasons and was on pace to do so last year when he played just 13 games. The Titans have not only Burks but rookie tight end Chig Okonkwo to help boost the offense.