Veronika Rajek, the model who is obsessed with Tom Brady, thinks Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is a “hunk.”

Rajek, whose crush on Tom Brady is well known after a viral video of her professing her love for him, apparently has her eyes on someone new, according to TMZ.

Veronika Rajek calls Travis Kelce a hunk

She told the world what she thinks of Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce, by posting on Instagram.


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In the post, she's wearing a Rajek Las Vegas Raiders jersey, where she apparently attended the Raiders vs Chiefs game. There are other photos of her with the game in the background and one with her on the field holding a pink hat.

The Raiders lost the game, so her post addressed the loss and one of the key players.

“LV did their best, but the Cheifs played awesomely,” she wrote. “I have to admit. Kelce is such a great player and a hunk as well. I get you Taylor, ‘road less taken.'”

She added, “@raiders let's trade-in @killatrav and Vegas let's do @taylorswift show residency and let's all grab the best doughnuts in town.”

Apparently, the comment about the road is from a Taylor Swift song, The Outside. In it, she sings, “I tried to take the road less traveled by, but nothing seems to work the first few times, am I right?”

Taylor Swift probably doesn't have anything to worry about regarding Veronika Rajek. However, if Swift ever breaks up with Travis Kelce, she seems like she'd be open to being next in line.