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Tom Brady, Tom Brady Sr., Galynn Brady

Tom Brady’s parents: Everything you need to know about Galynn Brady and Tom Brady Sr.

After his shocking exit from the New England Patriots, six-time Super Bowl champion (and arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history) Tom Brady is looking to extend his already illustrious career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s already become a Tampa Bay legend in just a year with the team, leading the Bucs to a win in Super Bowl LV.

Tom Brady is known for his impeccable desire to win and out-of-this-world competitiveness on-and-off the field. The three-time NFL MVP’s talent for erasing doubts can be traced back to when he valiantly recovered from a career-threatening knee injury among other heroic acts on the field.

From where do this man’s talents come from? Here are some things you need to know about the couple who raised the legendary athlete.

Tom Brady Sr. takes credit for his son’s competitiveness

In an interview for The Eagle Tribune, Tom Brady Sr. is quoted:

“My fault… I started it. Everything we did, and I mean everything, like running home from church, throwing a rock the farthest … Everything was a competition. I guess it made things really fun, at least for the winner.”


Of course, he still taught his children good sportsmanship and even shared a story on how Tom “hated” losing even when he was a kid. 

He recalls:

“He hit a bad shot and throws his club halfway down the fairway… I was ticked off. I told him to get his club and go back the car and wait for me until I finished. I get to the car and he’s crying his eyes out.”

Mr. and Mrs. Brady wanted Tom Brady to try “everything”

Mrs. Brady has long been tied to the Brady brand of athleticism. The Bradys actually introduced all four of their children — Maureen, Julie, Nancy, and Tom — to a lot of activities like piano, ballet, and guitar — but all of them leaned toward sports. Tom’s three sisters are all accomplished softball players, each earning their respective athletic scholarships. 


Galynn Brady is a cancer survivor

Warriors come from warriors. In 2016, Galynn Brady was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go under grueling chemotherapy treatments for five long months. As an avid fan of watching her son’s games live, she was unable to do so throughout the course of her treatment. 

Thankfully, shortly after celebrating their son’s electrifying comeback and win in Super Bowl LI, the Bradys received good news: Galynn Brady was cancer-free. She now watches her son’s games live, as she continues to enjoy a cancer-free life.


The Patriots once gave Galynn Brady a Super Bowl Ring

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft once gave Mama Brady a Super Bowl ring after the team’s successful Super Bowl Ll bid. The team has been very close to the family in the past 20-years and knew about the Brady family’s struggles throughout their mother’s chemotherapy treatments. 

The Bradys still live in a small two-story home

Guessing how much a world-renowned athlete earns in a year isn’t exactly rocket science. We all know it’s a pretty big amount considering, of course, Brady’s jam-packed accolades under his belt. But despite this, his parents still choose to live in the same home where they raised their family. 

While Portola Drive remains to be an upper-class neighborhood, perhaps the memories built at the Brady home are more priceless than any other mansion. 

The Bradys instilled in their kids many of the values they still hold true today. A closer look at the lives of the “Brady bunch” enables everyone to see that the apples don’t fall far from the tree. They made sure Tom Brady grew up putting family, honor, and hard work above all else.