Tower of Fantasy, the open-world MMORPG has finally launched, and part of its exploration mechanics are the Travel Logs. These are specific spots in each region that showcase the landmarks in that region, and rewards you handsomely for the meager task of simply going to the spot and clicking a button. Each will reward you 20 Dark Crystals and 20 Astra Exploration Points, for a total of 100 of each.

It’s also a nice way to appreciate the region and its unique landscape. For players, Astra is the first region to explore, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the areas.

Tower of Fantasy Astra Travel Logs

Here are all the Travel Log locations in the first region of Astra:

Astra Shelter Travel Log

“A shelter built on a remote mountain in Astra on impregnable terrain.”

You may have already gotten this, but if you haven’t, head to the Spacerift north of the Astra Shelter labeled [Spacerift: Shelter]. Then, use your jetpack to head West towards the spherical structure with a green cross on it. The Travel Log interactable is difficult to miss.

Northern Ring Ranges Travel Log

“Mountains with great views. One can see most of the Astra landmarks from there.”

Teleport to the Astra Shelter Spacerift [Spacerift: Shelter], then head north-east and up. The Northern Ring Ranges Travel Log interactable is right next to a glowshroom on the edge of a cliff. It is facing the Omnium tower, and is near a camp.

Mega Arena Travel Log

“Located on a peninsula on the edge of Astra, Mega Arena is an arena built by the Hyenas and the Ravagers for competitions. One can feel the blood, the tears, and the struggle between life and death.”

The Mega Arena Travel Log is by one of the easiest to get to. Simply teleport to the Astra Omnium Tower and use your jetpack to glide down south-east, until you reach the cliff facing the Mega Arena. It is also right by a Glowshroom, so you can’t miss it. You’ll pass a camp and a couple of Training Areas on the way, too.

Ring of Echos Travel Log

“A series of low mountains that are naturally arranged in a semi-circle. One can hear echoes coming from all directions when standing among them, thus the name.”

The Ring of Echos Travel Log interactable can be easily found, but hard to reach. From the Astra Omnium Tower, the tall geographical structure it sits on is easily visible if you look south-west.

From either the Southern Ring Ranges Spacerift or the Astra Omnium Tower, the top of the structure is reachable by using your jetpack and climbing the face of the cliff opposite it, then using the jetpack once again to cross the gap.

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Tomb of Thorns Travel Log

“Aida used to be home to a significant number of giant creatures. However, these creatures suddenly vanished at some point, leaving only their skeletons around the world as evidence of their existence.”

The Tomb of Thorns Travel Log interactable is a short flight down from the Southern Ring Ranges Spacerift. If you look south-east and slightly downward, you can even see it already:

Head down and climb on top of the gigantic root and enjoy the view. Maybe do it all the way and defeat the field boss Robarg while you’re at it.

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