Travis Kelce already has a cute name for Taylor Swift. On a recent episode of his New Heights podcast, which he cohosts with his older brother Jason Kelce, he gave Swift a sweet shoutout.

The NFL brothers were discussing the subtle support Swift showed for Kelce when she liked an Instagram post that was celebrating that he is the latest tight end to make 11,000 yards in his career. On top of that, he is also the only one in the Kansas City Chiefs organization in its entirety to reach that feat.

“At this point, it’s cool, but we don’t need to say congrats every time I get to a whole number,” Travis told Jason.

Jason replied: “It is kind of nice though.”

“Shout-out to all my teammates for helping me get these records every week,” Travis added.

“You might not care about records but you know who does? A 92%er by the name of Taylor Swift,” Jason teased about his romance with the mega star. “That’s right. She ‘liked’ an Instagram announcement from the Chiefs about you breaking this record.”

“Thanks, Tay,” he said coyly, referencing the nickname. “I appreciate you on the Chiefs page supporting the Yeti. Yeah … what’s this next question?”

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Plan To Spend The Holidays Together

After Thanksgiving break, Swift flew into Kansas City over the weekend to be with Kelce. The two missed out on being with one another due to her being in Brazil for her Eras Tour, and Kelce stayed back in Kansas City for the holiday. While it's a bummer that the two didn't have a chance to spend the holiday together, a source revealed that they have a plan in place.

“They have very detailed plans coming up while she’s on tour, and he has games,” says a second source. “Taylor and Travis have the next few months completely laid out. They don’t want to start their relationship off with big gaps [in time spent apart]. They’re trying to be as much like a regular couple as possible.”

However, the two are planning to spend Christmas and New Year's together.

“Travis has already started Christmas shopping and has some really special surprises [for Taylor] in store,” says a source. “Their connection is off the charts, and they can’t wait to celebrate together.”

The source adds that they will most likely be spending some time in Nashville, where Swift has a home. “Travis hasn’t been to Taylor’s Nashville place yet, so he’s really looking forward to it.”