Twins 3B Royce Lewis reacts to making history with back-to-back grand slam games

Royce Lewis looks to continue being an offensive catalyst for the Twins with only a little over a month to go before the postseason.

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The Minnesota Twins are sitting pretty atop the AL Central, as they now have a seven-game cushion over the Cleveland Guardians. One such reason behind the Twins' solid play as of late has been third baseman Royce Lewis' performances. Since returning from injury on August 15, Lewis has hit four home runs and driven in 13 runs with a slash line of .298/.389/.617. And over the past two games, Lewis ascended to an entirely different level, hitting two grand slams in two consecutive outings — marking the first time it happened in Twins franchise history.

With the postseason beckoning by the day, the Twins will need every ounce of contribution from the nascent third baseman. And to his credit, Lewis seems to have that it factor in him, as he will give it his all in every plate appearance if that's what it's going to take for his team to win.

“You've got to play the long game. They might've won that inning or that half-inning, but let's finish the rest of the game because it's a long one,” Lewis said, per Associated Press via ESPN. “Hopefully I'm blessed enough to get those opportunities again.”

Given how superstitious professional athletes are in general, it seems like Royce Lewis is subscribing to the age-old mantra of, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.”

“Here's my thing: I eat food that makes me happy. Clearly it works, so I'm going to keep eating what I need to eat. In the offseason you've got to lock it down, though, that's for sure,” Lewis added.

Can Royce Lewis make it three games in a row with a grand slam when the Twins take on the Guardians later tonight at 7:40 PM E.T.?

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