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One of the most recognizable meme worthy emotes that has shaped the gaming scene will no longer be available as Twitch made their decision to remove the PogChamp emote. The violence that took place in the US Capitol riots is the main reason for its removal as the emote was used to encourage anarchy.

An hour after their official announcement, Twitch followed up with an emotional response to their decision. It was no easy task for them to remove one of the most iconic faces in the online community but the decision had to be made.

In light of these recent events, Twitch promised to make a new emote that will also serve the same purpose.

With the PogChamp emote gone, the Twitter community flooded their own suggestions.

Some would suggest to give the other underrated Twitch emotes like the KomodoHype a chance to shine.

Others are looking for refreshing suggestions that have yet to be included.

There are content creators that are taking the opportunity to market themselves as a suitable replacement.

Besides the suggestions there are those who would commend Twitch for making the right decision.

However there are some who would criticize Twitch by mentioning their blunders.

The PogChamp emote has always been a staple in Twitch as community members would spam it to show their reactions in a certain event. It could be an epic wombocombo in an esports event or a streamer conducting a highlight moment or receiving a huge sum of donations. It is currently the 5th most used emote on Twitch.