Twitch is cracking down hard on its community’s behavior. Twitch has banned the terms Incel, Simp, and Virgin especially when used as insults on its platform. Sara Clemens, Twitch COO, announced the new changes to the streaming website in an episode of the Twitch Town Hall broadcast. The show sees company executives conversing with viewers about impending changes to the site.

The ban hammer is ready


Twitch users hurl the terms simp, virgin, and incel to mock other users. It may be used casually between friends but Twitch has so far made no distinction on its review methods.  Fans looking for more details can check out the policy changes announcement which has officially been published by the site. Twitch users understandbly left the Town Hall broadcast feeling confused about the incoming changes. In general, it’s a welcome change for the broadcasting service. Clemens had this to say on the new policy.

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“Using terms like Simp, Incel, or Virgin to refer as an insult to negatively refer to another person’s sexual activity is not allowed under this new policy. In addition to the new policy change, we are actively denying emotes that include the term simp and will remove them when reported.”

The new regulation on the usage of these selected words applies to both streamers and platforms audience. Chat messages or stream titles bearing these words result in a swift meeting with the ban hammer. Additionally, emotes which include these terms will be removed from the platform. It’s an odd approach but it’s great that Twitch tries to do its part to curb online toxicity. Fans may potentially find other negative words banned in the future.

Twitch recently made news when it allowed its users to pay a premium to gain affiliate status back in November.