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Tyreek Hill: fantasy football outlook for 2021 NFL season with Chiefs

Tyreek Hill, Fantasy Football, Chiefs

Tyreek Hill’s status as one the most explosive athletes in the NFL continued throughout the 2020 season. In a year which included his outstanding first quarter domination against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he posted almost 1400 total yards and 17 total touchdowns. As the No. 1 receiving threat for the dominant Kansas City Chiefs, he can beat you one-on-one in any second of the game and is a threat to score as a rusher or even a punt returner.

Though his speed is a big concern to any defender, no one should count out his physicality, route-running abilities and overall IQ at the receiving position. He can line up on the outside, run the cleanest post route and make a diving catch. Put him in the slot on the Chiefs, and watch him go deep and jump over his defender and Moss him for a key first down. His ability to track a ball like a MLB outfielder is one that superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes appreciates (Remember that 3rd and 15 play in the 2019-2020 Super Bowl?). Though he has boom-or-bust potential at times and can be shut out by a smart defensive coordinator (Tip of the hat to Todd Bowles, who basically eliminated Hill in the passing game during the 2020-2021 Super Bowl), he is still one the best wide receivers in the game right now.

2020 Fantasy Statistics with Chiefs

During the 2019 season, Hill wasn’t able to stay on the field for all 16 games as he was set back by injuries (including a shoulder injury week one that sidelined him until week six). However, he was able to return and play at a high level for the rest of the season. After winning the Super Bowl and having a whole offseason to rest, he was destined to continue his role as the best receiving threat for Kansas City Chiefs. And that he just did.

Head coach Andy Reid’s playbook takes advantage of Hill’s athletic abilities and test’s his intelligence. Week after week, Reid would find new ways to get him open and score touchdowns for days. Add in Mahomes’s arm and accuracy, and that equals another productive season for the Cheetah. From weeks 9-12 he put up 38% of his total 1276 yards. In all 15 games he played, there was only one game (that being the Buffalo Bills matchup) where he didn’t put up more than ten points in fantasy football. He had 13 games where he posted 15+ fantasy points. There were eight games where he posted 20+ points. You get the point. This guy was incredible during 2020 for the Chiefs. When the season was over, he ranked number two in fantasy football in his respective position. He was responsible for 328.9 fantasy points, good for 15th overall (including QBs) and 5th overall (not including QB’s).

As one of the many engines that the Chiefs rely on throughout the season, Hill managed to deliver on all counts.

2021 Fantasy Projections

According to ESPN, Hill is projected to produce a total of 310 fantasy points for the 2021 NFL season with the Chiefs, which is 18.9 points lower than what he posted in 2020. His projected receiving yards have went up about 108 yards but his receiving touchdowns went down by five. They also see him not producing a whole lot in the rushing game, where he is project to have only 96 rushing yards and only ONE rushing touchdown (prove them wrong Cheetah). Even though some of his stats go down, he still is projected to be one of the best producing-receiving threats in the league.

Hill’s numbers have a big chance of going up with the offensive line haul. During the insane offseason, the team added the likes of Orlando Brown Jr., Joe Thuney, Creed Humphrey, Trey Smith, Kyle Long, Austin Blythe and the return of Lucas Niang and Laurent Duverany-Tardif. If you compare all of those additions to what they had last season, it is a HUGE improvement. Give props to the big guys up front, the Chiefs ranked 11th overall in terms of the offensive line last season(prior to injuries and that terrible Super Bowl performance). If the new and improved O-line gives Mahomes more time to stay in the pocket and find Hill open, it could reap big benefits.

Another big benefit with a new offensive line is his role as a runner. Mainly utilized in sweeps or screens, he should be able to break open just as frequently and gain some big yards on the ground. He is nearly impossible to stop once he breaks a corner or finds a whole to streak through.

Overall, do not sleep on Tyreek Hill in 2021. He should be any team’s franchise fantasy player and will put up 10+ points for fantasy football owners when the matchup is right for the Chiefs.


As usual, Hill is ranked No. 2 overall in the wide receiver position. With no competition to beat him as the No. 1 receiver on the Chiefs, he should be able to get the ball constantly and give any team consistent production.

Ranked only ahead of him is Green Bay Packers superstar wide receiver Davante Adams. However, there is a big chance that Hill can thrive with the Chiefs and take the No. 1 spot. With Adams currently having some issues with the front office, there could be a chance that he can either sit out or even request a trade midseason. Oh, let’s not forgot the whole Aaron Rodgers ordeal. With a future that may very well be in jeopardy, Hill could very well find his way sitting on top of the throne of the wide receiver rankings. Of course, there is competition.

Just below him sits Stefon Diggs, Deandre Hopkins, DK Metcalf, Justin Jefferson and A.J. Brown. Out of all of those wideout, Diggs is the one who has the biggest chance to steal the number one spot. With a QB that has a cannon for an arm (Josh Allen), he is the number one target and is still producing at a very high level. Give him a chance to develop even more chemistry with Allen, and he may be a threat to go long anytime. With Hopkins already showing some opposition to the vaccine, there is no telling if he will start or be benched. Nonetheless, he has shown that he can be a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron. With one of the best hands in the NFL, he is a redzone threat and can beat any defender one-on-one with his frame and length. Be on the lookout for Justin Jefferson, who is a dark horse to be a top three wide receiver and even number one after the season ends. He is a great route runner and can get open with ease.

If Tyreek Hill is available at any point in a fantasy draft, take him. He is one of the best producers in the NFL and will never disappoint with the Chiefs once fantasy season comes. Expect another 300+ point season and another big year for the Cheetah.