Contender Series Week 8: Danny Barlow vs. Raheam Forest continues on the fight card with a bout in the women's flyweight division between Carli Judice and Ernesta Kareckaite. Judice is an undefeated prospect who's taking this fight on short notice as she comes into this fight meanwhile, Kareckaite is also an undefeated prospect winning four of her five bouts as she comes into her first appearance on the Contender Series. With that said, check out our UFC odds series for our Judice-Kareckaite prediction and pick.

Carli Judice (3-0) is an undefeated women's flyweight prospect who has made quick work in all three of her professional fights which all ended by first-round knockout. She has fought three times in the last 11 months and this fight on this week's episode of the Contender Series will make it four fights in the first 11 months of her professional career when she takes on Lithuania flyweight prospect Ernesta Kareckaite.

Ernesta Kareckaite (4-0-1) is also an undefeated flyweight prospect who is fighting out of Lithuania and if she were to get signed by the UFC she will only be the third fighter in the UFC to be from Lithuania. She has a plethora of combat sports experience as she has fought professionally in boxing and kickboxing as well as MMA and she hopes that experience will help her in the biggest fight of her career on this week's episode of the Contender Series.

Here are the UFC Odds, courtesy of DraftKings. 

Contender Series Week 8 Odds: Carli Judice-Ernesta Kareckaite Odds

Carli Judice: -162

Ernesta Kareckaite: +136

How to Watch Carli Judice vs. Ernesta Kareckaite


Stream: ESPN+

Time: 8:00 p.m. ET/ 5:00 p.m. PT

Why Carli Judice Will Win

Carli Judice is set to face Ernesta Kareckaite on this week's episode of the Contender Series. Judice is known for her striking ability, with all three of her wins coming by first-round knockout. Kareckaite, on the other hand, has only won 2 fights by knockout which were over four years ago. Judice will be taking this fight on short notice but it might be an advantage knowing that her opponent Kareckaite was getting ready to face a pressure grappler in Sora Rakhmonova but now will have to face a pressure striker.

Judice has shown in her three professional MMA fights that she loves to come forward, pressure her opponent, and land some heavy hands. She also throws a good amount of volume which could eventually wear down Kareckaite to a potential finish which would give her four knockouts in just 11 months into her professional MMA career.

Why Ernesta Kareckaite Will Win

Ernesta Kareckaite has yet to be defeated in her professional MMA career winning four of her five fights with one fight ending in a draw. Of those four wins two of them have come by knockout. Kareckaite has also competed in boxing and kickboxing as well as MMA during her time as a combat sports specialist which certainly will help her in this fight against another striker in Carli Judice.

Judice is going to come out there looking to come forward and throw caution to the wind to land some devastating shots. That is something Kareckaite can take advantage of as she will be the more technical fighter out of the two and also Kareckaite is the more experienced fighter which gives her a leg up in this matchup. If Kareckaite can make this a clean fight and get Judice out of the first round she can wear her down as the fight goes on and get a potential decision victory.

Final Carli Judice-Ernesta Kareckaite Prediction & Pick

These two flyweight fighters are going to go to scrap in this Contender Series matchup. Judice isn't the most experienced fighter but she is a fun fighter and is always looking to hurt her opponents as she comes forward and puts a pace on her opponents. She has yet to see a round two in the short time in her professional career and this will be her first time fighting on short notice as well, so if we see a round two things could get a bit dicey.

As for Kareckaite, she has seemed a bit underwhelming even with the experience that she has in multiple facets of combat sports. She is super low volume and in each of the last two of her MMA fights she could have easily lost as they both were close split decisions. Ultimately, as long as Judice doesn't death gas in the first round if she doesn't get the finish, she should be able to just outwork and outstrike Kareckaite for the vast majority of this fight to get the win.

Final Carli Judice-Ernesta Kareckaite Prediction & Pick: Carli Judice (-162)