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Brock Lesnar ripped by UFC legend over size advantage

Brock Lesnar, UFC

UFC legend Chael Sonnen claims Brock Lesnar was not a skillful MMA fighter and only had size advantage over his opponents.

Brock Lesnar had a short but celebrated UFC career. During his time with the famed promotion, he became the heavyweight champion and even defended his title twice.

However, former UFC middleweight and ESPN’s Chael Sonnen is not convinced that Lesnar was ultimately the best heavyweight fighter in the world at one point.

According to Sonnen, size and weight advantage are very crucial especially in heavyweight fights and the 30-pound difference between Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic certainly serves as a living proof.

For Sonnen, this had also been the case with Lesnar and his opponents both in the UFC and in the amateurs.

“Brock was not a very good wrestler. That’s true. Brock never had Olympic aspirations. Brock was 265 pounds of steel,” Sonnen said via his “Beyond the Fight” YouTube show. “In the NCAA finals, he took on someone who weighed 220 pounds. There is a 45-pound weight discrepancy. It’s a fair point by me and it irritates Brock. But I’m right.”

“Brock Lesnar does not enjoy my company,” he added. “I’ve been around Brock and he’s been a gentleman. But I can tell he’d rather be anywhere else but me.”

Lesnar last fought in the UFC in 2016 against MMA legend Mark Hunt. He was initially declared the winner via decision but it was later overturned to “No Contest.”

Rumors have often linked Lesnar’s name to a potential MMA return but he has not made any even to this day.