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UFC legend Georges St-Pierre drops huge Kamaru Usman GOAT claim

UFC, Georges St-Pierre, Kamaru Usman

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre thinks Kamaru Usman could one day be the greatest welterweight fighter of all time.

The so-called “GOAT” title has long been one of the most intriguing subjects in the sport of MMA, particularly in the UFC. For obvious reasons, the hailing of the greatest of all time will forever be a subjective matter as a wide array of fighters from different eras could present a strong case.

However, in the UFC’s welterweight division, it is becoming more and more apparent that it has boiled down to just Georges St-Pierre and Kamaru Usman.

Sharing his take on the subject, St-Pierre himself admitted that Usman has been proving everybody that he deserves the said recognition.

“Well he’s on his way,” the former UFC welterweight champion said of Usman via Sporf’s Hot Takes. “Rome was not built in a week. It took years. So, same thing with Kamaru Usman. He’s on his way.”

“He’s doing fantastic and I’m a big fan of him. I truly believe, right now, he’s probably the best fighter right now, and probably the best active fighter in the UFC. He’s doing very well. Only the future will tell us.”

Usman, meanwhile, had earlier stressed that though he’s proud of his success in the UFC, he’s leaving the GOAT talks to the fans.

“I’m not placing that greatest of all time [tag] on myself,” Usman pointed out. “By the time I’m said and done with my career, I’m going to let you guys do that.”

As it stands, Usman remains unbeaten in the UFC, and has defended his welterweight belt five consecutive times.