Noche UFC is fast approaching and fans are going to be treated to another heated rivalry. Alexa Grasso got the best of Valentina Shevchenko in their first bout. But, Shevchenko is blood-hungry to knock down her opponent and reclaim the glory that she lost at UFC 285. The plan to make the title women's flyweight championship hers again? Run it back dominate again but don't submit.

Valentina Shevchenko posits that she was in control during her bout against Alexa Grasso at UFC 285, via Danny Segura and Ken Hathaway of USA Today.

She unveiled how she plans to keep this dominance and slapped Grasso with a reality check, “I didn’t have to learn anything from the loss because Alexa, you’re saying you were doing pretty well, but I’m saying not enough for the victory.” She went into further detail about how much of the fight was in her hands, “It’s a good point because if you see all four rounds, I was winning the fight on my side before what happened.”

A lot of her learnings have stacked up. Shevchenko knows that her veteran experience is what will give her the edge, ” I want to remind everyone. I’m a 17-time Muay Thai world champion, seven (UFC) title defenses, and you can’t get rid of this. It’s going to stay in you forever.”

The two have been getting at each other's throats before UFC Noche. This just means that the action inside the octagon is going to be more intense given their history.