No matter how far removed from the Octagon she is, Ronda Rousey will always be a central figure in UFC history. Her lofty resume and big-name recognition naturally still has a wide-ranging appeal. In fact, one former mixed martial artist revealed that she was offered an insane amount of money to make a grand return.

“I’ll say this, I have it on good authority they offered Ronda Rousey more money than you can imagine to come back, and she said no,” Brendan Schaub said on his podcast, The Schaub Show, via If true, that is quite the bombshell to drop.

There has been rampant speculation that the inaugural Women's Bantamweight Champion could return to her roots after ending her latest run with the WWE at SummerSlam. But perhaps Rousey has ambitions to venture into territory she has not yet conquered. UFC president Dana White has denied rumors of a potential reunion, but Schaub firmly trusts his information.

“Dana’s like, ‘No dude, we never offered her. She’s not fighting,’” he said. “Maybe Dana didn’t do the deal, I’m not saying Dana offered it. From what I know, they offered her more money than God and she was like, ‘I’m good.’ Ronda’s very smart, has other businesses, her farms, her houses. Like, she doesn’t need to do any of it. She said no.”

Money is surely no issue for Rousey, but the kind of figures being implied by Brendan Schaub would be difficult for any superstar to turn down. One has to wonder what the “Rowdy” one has cooking that would take precedent over an epic UFC comeback.