The USC football-Colorado football game looked like a blowout early when the Trojans had a 34-14 halftime lead, but that didn't stop the game from leading Week 5 in viewers. The Buffaloes mounted a comeback, which fell short when the Trojans ultimately won 48-41, but it helped the game continue to draw viewers.

At its peak, the USC-Colorado game garnered 10 million viewers and was the most watched game of the day, per FOX Sports PR. These numbers come despite the game kicking off in the early window over an afternoon or primetime slate.

These numbers continue to show the Deion Sanders effect in Colorado. Though USC football would always get viewers, especially with Caleb Williams at quarterback, Colorado would be an afterthought to most college football fans without Sanders. However, Deion continues to bring spectators to the Buffaloes. All five of Colorado football's games were in the top-8 of most watched college football games through five weeks of the season. With upcoming matchups versus No. 15 Oregon State, No. 18 Utah, and UCLA, Sanders' squad should continue to attract plenty of viewers.

The many fans who tuned in were treated to a battle of great quarterback play between Caleb Williams and Shedeur Sanders. Williams certainly added to his case for a second consecutive Heisman trophy win after completing 75% of his passes for 403 yards and six touchdowns. Shedeur also impressed putting up 371 yards and four touchdowns. Shedeur Buffaloes may have fallen short of a win, but they proved deserving of the attention they've received by keeping up with the Trojans.