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VIDEO: Warriors star Stephen Curry hits ridiculous one-handed fall-away that sadly won’t count

Warriors, Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry certainly has a knack for making impossible shots. On Saturday, the former back-to-back MVP winner did just that against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Unfortunately, Steph’s latest insane circus shot did not count.

Here’ Curry banking in what looks like a running fade/fall-away lay-up/jumper. I don’t know. You be the judge (h/t Warriors on Twitter):

There’s some contention as to why the game officials decided not to count the basket. It did look like Curry released the rock moments after being fouled. He no longer took a dribble after the whistle and it did appear to be one fluid motion for the Warriors star. Clearly, though, the referees did not see it that way.

Saturday’s tilt against the Thunder is a big one for Curry and Co. They are currently sitting precariously at the eighth spot in the West, and could still be in danger of missing out on the postseason altogether if they end up losing more games.

The Dubs face off against the top two teams in the West next week in the Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns. It also happens to be on a back-to-back set on Monday and Tuesday, so it goes without saying that that’s going to be a really tough stretch for Golden State.