There's currently some beef brewing between Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Patterson and former Arizona Cardinals teammate Kyler Murray. It all started with Peterson calling Murray out for allegedly caring about nobody else but himself. Murray caught wind of the slander and quickly clapped back by denying the claim. The Cardinals QB also accused Peterson of chasing clout by making his claim on his podcast instead of reaching out to him to settle the issue personally.

Peterson has now responded to Murray's claims as the Vikings CB attempts to do some damage control on an issue that seems to have been blown out of proportion. According to Peterson, he has no ill will against his former teammate. He merely just wanted to point out a personal observation he was able to gather during their time together with the Cardinals:

I don’t have any beef with Kyler Murray. … What I meant by my comment was, when you’re a franchise quarterback you have to carry yourself a certain way,’’ Peterson said Thursday, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “So, when you have bad body language, pouting and moping on the sideline, what type of energy do you think that feeds to your teammates?

“That’s what I meant by, ‘Kyler cares about himself.’ He’s not putting the team first. … I see a ton of talent in him. Those mannerisms are alarming. I’m just saying something most people may be afraid to tell him. It’s no secret. Everybody sees it.”

Peterson didn't exactly try to end this brewing feud here. He did say that he has no beef against Murray, but the three-time All-Pro cornerback also made it clear that he doesn't appreciate Murray's attitude when it comes to supporting his teammates.

Peterson also stated that he tried to reach out to the Cardinals star, but that it was to no avail.

“I don’t have his number,’’ Peterson said. “I did reach out. I did get his number from an ex-teammate and texted him. He didn’t reply to the text. I don’t know if that is his number.”

This quarrel seems far from over and it will be interesting to see how Kyler Murray responds to Peterson's latest claims.