The Minnesota Vikings made a big splash this offseason with the NFL Draft selections of JJ McCarthy and Dallas Turner, two College Football Playoff participants with intense work ethics and plenty of confidence to burn. Vikings safety Camryn Bynum is apparently in the same boat judging by his comments shared by on Friday.

Bynum's comments pertaining to the Vikings' Super Bowl aspirations were revealed amid the announcement of two potential breakout candidates. Both Turner and McCarthy threw first pitches at Minnesota Twins games that were panned as ‘awful' by fans in attendance.

According to Bynum, Vikings fans might not have to worry about the negative side of their team in the near future, as he pushed his chips to the center of the table with a bold Super Bowl related comment.

Bynum's Take On Vikings' “Ballers”

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Bo Melton (80) scores a touchdown reception against Minnesota Vikings safety Camryn Bynum (24) during their football game Sunday, December 31, 2023, at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bynum sounded especially confident in the Vikings' chances for success according to the interview.

“I expect a Super Bowl,” Bynum said on the NFL Insiders show on NFL Network.

“But you look at the guys on the team, you look at the locker room, all the experience we have. Look how much depth we have, especially on the defense.

“So many guys. It's almost weird looking around, you're like, OK, how are we all going to get on the field? There's just so many ballers.”

Vikings' Offensive Challenge

The Vikings' defense is expected to be strong, led by Camryn Bynum, Turner, Josh Metellus and others, but the offense could be a sticking point.

Kirk Cousins got hurt last season and Nick Mullens threw the ball to the other team too much in relief. Joshua Dobbs was also not the answer for Minnesota after Cousins' injury and now he's in Atlanta.

The Vikings' top draft pick, JJ McCarthy, has the savvy and big game experience to take over the position, but will have to beat out NFL journeyman Sam Darnold first. Justin Jefferson is ready to explode as a receiver with infinite talent, but one of those two guys have to get him the ball on a consistent basis.

According to Bynum, the Vikings' offense (which could be led by the Justin Jefferson-JJ McCarthy duo at some point this season), has everything it needs to lead the Vikings to victory on Sundays.

“You look at this offense. There's a baller at every position when you look across the whole board. That's why I'm confident when I say I expected us to be a Super Bowl team.

“But really, our preparation has to tell it all. You say that every year. Every team says that every year, but we have to put all these names and everything. We have to make it real.”