Lakers news: Warriors coach Steve Kerr knows LeBron James is 'a long way from being finished'
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Warriors coach Steve Kerr knows LeBron James is ‘a long way from being finished’

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Steve Kerr knows LeBron James still has plenty of gas in the tank, now having witnessed his play in two preseason games during a Golden State Warriors-Los Angeles Lakers best-of-four series in the early get-go.

The 54-year-old head coach knew James is a dynastic type of talent, now enjoying the longest offseason of his NBA career since the last time he fell short of the playoffs in 2005.

“He’s a long way from being finished,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said prior to Wednesday’s game, according to Joe Vardon of The Athletic. “He’s one of the few guys that comes along and changes the entire league, and the trajectory of the league. And the image and the ratings and everything else. He’s meant a great deal not only to the league, but to everybody who works in this league. To all of us here in this room right now. We’re all aware of that and there will be a time one day to thank him for that, but right now we have to try to beat him.”

James put up an efficient 18 points, four rebounds, and 11 assists before departing in Wednesday night’s 126-93 preseason rout of the Warriors, playing in three quarters before taking a seat on the bench for the remainder of the game.

At 34 years old, James still has the strength, explosiveness, and the veteran know-how that has made him such a staple of the NBA game, and as Kerr sees it — that’s not going away anytime soon.