Warriors growing increasingly frustrated with center Bogut
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Warriors growing increasingly frustrated with center Bogut

Coming off a devastating defeat to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals, the Golden State Warriors now reportedly have grown tired with starting center Andrew Bogut, ultimately influencing their choice in 6’11” Vanderbilt center Damian Jones in the 2016 draft. According to some chatter around NBA bay area sources, the Warriors are increasingly frustrated with the Australian big man’s inconsistent play and his frequent injury problems.

In the midst of the Kevin Durant free agent insanity, the Warriors now search for expendables in their championship quality team in order to free up cap space for a possible Durant signing. However, whether Durant heads to Golden State or not, the Warriors will have to make a decision between the aging 11-year veteran and fellow Warriors center Festus Ezili.

All this criticism comes off the back of Bogut’s subpar performance in the finals, where the 7-footer provided decent rim protection but ultimately ended the series short with yet another knee injury in Game 3 of the finals. In his first three games, Bogut averaged a measly 2.3 points per game and 2.1 rebounds per game.

Andrew Bogut

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Some Warriors fans, however, have defended Bogut’s play in comparison to Ezili, who also didn’t have an exceptional postseason this year only averaging 4 points per game and 2.7 rebounds per game in the 15-16 playoff run. While Bogut may not be a marquee player for the Warriors, his rim protection and decent role player abilities throughout his Warrior’s tenure have proven helpful to the Northern California franchise.

The Warriors decision to draft Damian Jones also suggests that the franchise is looking for other options to fill the frontcourt role. Although Jones most likely won’t see many minutes or take any starting role during his rookie campaign with the organization, the draft decision from general manager Bob Myers hints at how Golden State’s front office wants to improve their roster for the future.

Nevertheless, with the Warriors now looking to upgrade their roster for the next championship, Bogut’s fortitude and growth have come under scrutiny, according to sources from bay area reporter Monte Poole. Bogut’s contract extends only one more year for just over $11 million, and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the Warriors move the Australian big man within the year to make way for either a new free agent or a bigger Festus Ezili role.

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