Warriors news: Andre Iguodala already has a career-high 14 blocks in 2019 playoffs
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Warriors’ Andre Iguodala already has a career-high 14 blocks in 2019 playoffs

Andre Iguodala, Warriors

Golden State Warriors guard Andre Iguodala has established a career playoff high in blocks.

According to StatMuse’s official Twitter account, Iguodala has 14 blocks in the playoffs through May 16. That was the combined total he registered in the last two playoffs with Golden State.

The takeaway: Iguodala’s defensive effort in the 2019 postseason is one of his best to date. He also has 16 steals as of May 16, per ESPN stats. Not bad for a 35-year-old veteran.

Iguodala displayed his best defense in the playoffs in the 2015-16 NBA season three years ago. He had 10 blocks and 29 steals in the postseason, helping Golden State to move within one game of the title.

GoldenStateofMind.com’s Hugo Kitano chimed in on Iguodala’s stingy defense in his January 30 article.

Iguodala brings two main skills to the Warriors: defense and playmaking.

He’s not an All-Star defender anymore, but his quick hands and smart instincts still make him the Warriors’ best wing defender.

He can switch to guard multiple positions and direct his teammates to the right spots.

Iguodala’s 14 playoff blocks (and counting) prove he still has spring in his legs. Not only that, he is still a world-class defender who can help the Warriors in their quest for a three-peat.

Andre Iguodala may already be 35 years old. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t alter shots anymore.

For their part, the Portland Trail Blazers should become wary of Iguodala’s shot-blocking prowess. He’s one of the reasons why they’re in an 0-2 hole at this point.