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Warriors’ Andre Iguodala says that not keeping their guards up all the time is wearing team out

Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala and the Golden State Warriors know for a fact that every single team in the NBA is out to dethrone them. And this fact alone is wearing the defending champions out.

In an interview with Warriors radio voice, Tim Roye, Iguodala shared that they’re used to Steve Kerr’s reminder of putting up their A-Game every night. He added that what’s wearing them out is the people’s lack of understanding that the NBA is filled with talent. Everyone has a chance of beating them.

As transcribed by Drew Shiller of NBCS:

“We get used to it … what wears on us more than anything is the lack of that understanding and people not realizing,” Andre Iguodala told Warriors radio voice Tim Roye. “They’re like, ‘This team’s not even good, how are they close?’ Everyone in the NBA is an NBA player, whether you realize it or not.

Iguodala’s comments came after a bunch of analysts has observed that the this Warriors team doesn’t look as good as it was in previous seasons. The Kerr-helmed team has won three championships over the last four years. They have a chance to win three straight this year but the odds don’t seem to be in their favor. This season, there was a 25-game stretch where they went 13-12.

Iguodala added that for the last four years, they’ve been playing from October to June and it’s taking a toll on their body. Given these facts, this might be the toughest season yet for the defending champions. Their dynasty is at stake.