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Warriors’ Andrew Bogut hopes Draymond Green won’t get mad at him if he’s in the wrong spot

Andrew Bogut, Draymond Green, Warriors

Andrew Bogut recently re-joined Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors a couple of weeks ago, and will make his season debut against the San Antonio Spurs tonight.

It was then announced that Bogut will be the starting center in the game, as DeMarcus Cousins recovers from the ankle injury he suffered against the Oklahoma City Thunder a few days ago.

Bogut feared the idea of Draymond Green getting mad at him for being in the wrong spot during plays, and jokingly said he hopes it doesn’t happen.

Bogut and Green were teammates with the Warriors a few years ago, before superstar Kevin Durant joined the team. The former was then released.

Green is known to be very vocal on the court, and he can sometimes be too loud, at least to the point that people perceive his gestures as occasions in which he fights with his teammates.

But Dray probably understands the fact that this is Bogut’s first game with Golden State in over three years, so he should take it easy on the big fella.

Bogut, who recently won MVP honors during his stint with Australian basketball league (NBL), is seen by many people as the final piece needed by the Warriors to achieve their goal of winning a third straight title this season. Once Cousins is 100-percent healthy, Andrew Bogut is still expected to provide quality minutes as a backup center for the team.