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WATCH: Bitter Klay Thompson drops ‘F-Bomb’ at Warriors fan after being snubbed again

Warriors, Klay Thompson

After being snubbed from the NBA Top 75 all-time list, Klay Thompson is not in the best of moods. The Golden State Warriors star recently got snubbed yet again, but this time it was while he was coasting along the bay in his boat. Thompson clearly has some ill feelings inside him right now which is probably why this particular encounter prompted a surprising NSFW reaction from him.

Thompson appeared to have waved at a random fan who incidentally, decided not to wave back. Klay is just sick and tired of being snubbed right now so he decided to drop the F-bomb towards the oblivious fan (h/t Hoop Central on Twitter):

Klay Thompson on his boat is usually a jolly fellow, but this just was not the case in this instance. The Warriors stud is clearly unhappy about the disrespect he received from the NBA after being omitted from the Top 75 list and it has put him in quite an abrasive mood.

The good news for Thompson is that he appears to be nearing his return to action after a two-year injury layoff. I’m sure that he’s now itching to get back to the court and prove to everyone that he absolutely deserves a spot on that list.