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Chris Mullin makes pick between 2016-17 Warriors, 1995-96 Bulls

Chris Mullin, Warriors, Bulls

Hall of Fame forward Chris Mullin went to bat for his Golden State Warriors when posed with a difficult choice, asked to pick between the 2016-17 Warriors team and the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls squad that won 72 games and kickstarted their second three-peat.

The lefty picked the Warriors, even when he and the rest of Run TMC competed against that Bulls team before disbanding that season after Tim Hardaway’s trade to the Miami Heat.

Via Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area:

“I go with the Warriors on that one just because of the offensive firepower,” Mullin told Tom Haberstroh on The Habershow podcast.

Mullin insisted he would pick the Warriors even if he was face-to-face with Michael Jordan and had to answer the question, noting they simply didn’t have enough personnel to stop Golden State’s firepower:

“I would. I would,” Mullin responded. “It’s really not about Michael and Scottie (Pippen). Those guys will handle their business. And they’d probably be able to really — I don’t know about shut down — but really make it tough for Steph (Curry) and Klay (Thompson). They’d put Scottie on Steph — Phil Jackson’s philosophy was cut the head of the snake off, so that would be a long series for Steph.

“Michael and (Ron) Harper could hound Klay. Now, hounding and stopping are two different things. But with (Kevin) Durant — you’re talking about arguably the top offensive player when it’s all said and done. He’s gonna be up there all time.”

Would the Warriors be able to stop the Bulls on defense, though? Mullin thinks Curry would be in for a long night:

“The thing you would see probably — which you don’t see now — whoever Steph’s guarding, they would go right in the post,” he said. “And try to get one of those good players on the bench with foul trouble.

“But then it gets back to the old analytical thing — we’ll give up your two, we’ll take three.”

Mullin seems to have thought this out well. While there are differences in how the game is played, not only in rules but also tendencies on the floor, it seems he’s rolling with the Warriors by a small margin in one of the best all-time matchups.