The James Harden-Daryl Morey drama dominated this past offseason's headlines in the NBA. Harden isn't the only player who has taken issue with Morey, however. When Morey worked for the Houston Rockets, Carmelo Anthony was released in what was a rather ugly exit. Chris Paul recently blasted Morey while speaking on Dwyane Wade's podcast The Why with Dwyane Wade.

“If you know Daryl Morey, no people skills real talk, you know what I’m saying, he don’t really understand how to talk to people,” Paul said. “So as soon as Melo told me that (he was released) I got Jada my kids and we got up, I said Rudy (Gay) I gotta go. I went back to the hotel called Melo went to his room knocked on the door or what not, and I was in there with Melo for along time, a couple hours.

“And Melo was in tears and I know how much he gave to the game but throughout the whole process of him coming to Houston me and Melo would talk about… all this stuff, I never said this is going to happen or not going to happen. So he tells me what happens with Daryl and I was like what? He came in his room told him he’d get him a flight back to New York, how do you say this to this man.”

Carmelo Anthony previously revealed that he told Chris Paul to “be careful” after Paul's time with the Rockets came to an end, via ESPN.

“No, I wasn't surprised at all,” Anthony said. “When my situation happened in Houston, he was the first person that I called to come to my room. And we had to clear some things up, and I wanted to know if he had anything to do with it. And that was the first thing that I wanted to know, and he told me, ‘No.' And from that point on, I told him, looked him in his eyes and said, ‘Look, just be careful.' You know what I mean? Just be careful. And damn sure if [the same situation] didn't happen to him.”

It will be interesting to see if Daryl Morey responds to Chris Paul's recent comments.