The Memphis Grizzlies bumped guard Derrick Rose into the starting lineup earlier this week and the decision paid off. The Grizzlies have won two straight over the Utah Jazz and Dallas Mavericks after starting the year 3-13.

The Grizzlies have faced several challenges this year with the Ja Morant suspension and injuries. Rose was one of those injured players, when he missed eight games due to a sore knee.

Rose has faced numerous injuries throughout his career. After emerging into one of the NBA's best players while winning MVP in 2011 and making three straight All-Star teams, Rose's career got held back as he suffered a torn ACL and then a torn meniscus. He's dealt with other injuries, including a groin injury and ankle injury, but still finds his way back to the court.

Rose got some unexpected praise from Warriors star Chris Paul, who recognized the adversity Rose has been through.

“Me and D Rose, over our careers we've only played against each other a few times. I know that, I don't even know if he knows that. It's so crazy over the course of our careers when it was time for me to play against him, he might be hurt. Or vice versa … I got a chance to talk to [Derrick Rose] for a little bit and just told him how much I appreciate him as a hooper. Because I've had injuries over my career, I know how it affects you mentally, how it challenges you. Me and D Rose, I don't know him like that, but I'm one of his biggest fans,” via Point Forward.

Chris Paul himself has dealt with some injuries over his career, including hand and hamstring injuries, so he understands what Rose has gone through. They may not know each other that well, but there's clearly a mutual respect.