One of the greatest rivalries in the NBA over the past decade is between, funnily enough, a star point guard and a referee, with Chris Paul, now with the Golden State Warriors, continuing to beef with official Scott Foster. The tension between Paul and Foster was simmering down entering the 2023-24 season, with the Point God even breaking his losing skid with Foster officiating his games during the 2023 playoffs, but the animosity between the two was renewed when Paul received an ejection from Foster back on November 22.

Paul, before leaving the court, even called Foster a b***h, and in his postgame interview, he said that the veteran referee holds a personal grudge over something that happened a long time ago. Now, the NBA clearly doesn't want its player-referee relations to turn sour like it has for the Warriors guard and Foster, so commissioner Adam Silver said that he had already talked to both parties so they can proceed on this situation in a professional manner.

However, it appears as though Silver wasn't as forthright as he may have you believe. According to Chris Paul himself, Silver did not talk to him about the Scott Foster situation, with the Warriors guard hearing radio silence from the league office in the aftermath of that tension-filled situation.

“Ain't nobody called me since all that happened. The league, usually sometimes they'll call or interview you, but nobody texted, called or nothing since it happened,” Paul told reporters after the Warriors' 106-102 win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday, per NBC Sports Bay Area. ” I haven't talked to Adam. [President of league operations] Bryon [Spruell].”

This is certainly an odd situation from Chris Paul's point of view, as there's no reason for Adam Silver to not just be direct with a respected player who was once president of the NBA Player's Association. So even though Silver claims that he expects the two parties to just go out  and do their jobs in a professional manner, the Warriors guard doesn't expect that anything will change in his contentious relationship with Scott Foster.

“I don't know,”Paul added. “Ain't nothing ever changed as far as that.”