The Golden State Warriors lost to the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday night. However, all of the attention is on Chris Paul and referee Scott Foster. The two were seen arguing on the court, which eventually led to Foster calling a double technical on Paul, leading to his ejection. Things got heated between the two, and the veteran guard voiced his frustrations during the postgame presser.

Even so, nobody is entirely sure what Scott Foster said that set Chris Paul off like that. Rob Perez, a popular fantasy basketball analyst, did his best to transcribe the interaction between Foster and the Warriors' point guard.

Based on the transcription, which by the way isn't official as it's just lip reading, it's not clear when Foster said anything about Paul's son. Maybe the veteran referee said something before in the past. But Wednesday night's incident didn't appear he was saying anything about Chris Paul's son.

With that said, clearly Paul has some beef with Foster. They do have a history though, as Chris Paul has been seen arguing with the veteran referee over the years.

Maybe one day they'll resolve their differences. But if the Warriors' point guard believes Foster said something about his son, then the beef will likely live on.

Before getting ejected, Paul recorded six points, six assists, and two rebounds. He's very much taken on a backup role in Golden State.

He's averaging just 9.6 points, 7.6 assists, and 3.8 rebounds per game. His playmaking ability definitely adds to the offense and allows the scorers to play to their strengths.

Hopefully, they can maintain competitiveness, as the Warriors are right in the thick of the playoff race early in the season. Let's just pray Chris Paul doesn't run into Scott Foster anytime soon.