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David West shooting insane percentage on jumpers for 2017-18 NBA season

David West

Golden State Warriors forward David West is proving the basketball analytics people completely wrong.

A look into his shooting percentages this season proves it. He has been a highly effective shooter from midrange distances all year, per Anthony Slater of the Athletic.

Sixty percent from the field in any area of the basketball floor is nothing to sneeze at. What makes these numbers somewhat shocking is they are from midrange, which has no been considered to be least efficient shot in basketball, according tor the analytics community.

But West is having none of that.

If fans know the career trajectory of West, they would know that for his entire career, midrange jump shots have been his bread and butter. Practically any time he has a look at one of those shots, he shoots and swishes them in.

West has made living on those exact shots. So it’s not surprising to see that he’s so efficient at them.

The other layer to this is he plays on the Warriors, a team that prides itself on making the extra pass and getting the best shot possible. That system is perfect for a shooter like West because all midrange jumpers he takes will end up being wide open, making his efficiency rocket to the sky.

Analytics people may not like midrange jump shots, but if you’re as good as West at shooting them, they should be part of your offensive arsenal.