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Dell Curry texted Stephen Curry after Warriors’ Game 5 win, talked about the fun of basketball

Dell Curry, Stephen Curry, Warriors

Stephen Curry’s dad, Dell Curry, texted Steph after the Golden State Warriors won Game 5 and told his son that winning games in the playoffs when adversity hits is what makes basketball so much fun.

The Warriors won Game 5 against the Houston Rockets but lost superstar small forward Kevin Durant to a right calf injury. Curry’s dislocated left finger was still bothering him and experts all around the NBA picked Houston to win the next two games of the series.

That’s when Dell stepped in and offered some words of wisdom to his son, via Ethan Strauss of The Athletic.

His father’s faith was not shaken, though. “I know he has that mental toughness man,” Dell said of his son. “He’d been there before. Everybody’s tired. Then you realize you have a chance to win. That’s when you make a shot. A couple more plays. It sounds difficult, but it’s really not.”

Or it is difficult, but the great ones use that light at the end of the tunnel as a compass. Dell said, “After Game 5, I texted Steph, ‘If it was easy. It wouldn’t be any fun.’ When you win, that’s what makes it so gratifying. Because it’s so freaking hard.”

Curry had zero points at halftime in Game 6. The entire NBA world was bashing the two-time MVP and calling him not clutch enough.

That’s when the Warriors’ franchise cornerstone is at his best, though. Curry has been doubted his entire basketball life, and he used all the negativity and noise as motivation. Curry scored 33 points in the second half of Game 6 to lead the Dubs to a 118-113 win.