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DeMarcus Cousins calls Klay Thompson his favorite Warrior: ‘There’s never a dull moment’

DeMarcus Cousins, Klay Thompson

There is no question the Golden State Warriors have a lot of unique personalities, and with DeMarcus Cousins being thrown into the mix it’s another personality added to the room.

Cousins was asked who his favorite Warriors player was, and Cousins said his favorite is Klay Thompson, ‘by far,’ because, ‘for him to be as dull as he is, there is never a dull moment.’

Thompson seems like a quiet guy, but he is a pretty funny guy, and he really isn’t shy of the camera even though on the court he doesn’t say a ton. It seems that Cousins is going to get along with Thompson and the rest of his Warriors teammates just fine this upcoming season.

Boogie Cousins has seemed to say all the right things this offseason even after having a hard time finding a team to take him. It seems even on a cheap contract this is the perfect move for both teams. Once healthy Cousins is going to be a great asset to the team and will give the Warriors a boost especially in the playoffs. Cousins will be able to take his time getting healthy and should be able to compete for a title. Once the season is over, he will be able to enter free agency again next summer and try to get the big contract.

Cousins also said that since money is a little short this year he is going to have to be really careful. He isn’t going to get into a battle with Draymond Green over technicals and he will let Green take care of getting them.