Everything was going great for Steve Kerr's Golden State Warriors. They buried the Los Angeles Clippers in a sizeable deficit in the first quarter and never put their feet up the gas pedal since. Stephen Curry has been absolutely torching the opposing defense but something unfortunate would happen to Draymond Green that halted their momentum.

Draymond Green was quickly rushed to the locker room for evaluation. The Warriors forward was getting into position for a rebound against Clippers big man Ivica Zubac and he took an elbow to the face. He was immediately checked but was seen in the Warriors bench just a couple of minutes later. There is no certainty whether he will play the same amount of minutes in this game.

So far, Green has logged in a meager amount of minutes in playing time for the Warriors. This has gotten the squad five points and also six rebounds. He could still make a larger impact heading into the clutch if Coach Steve Kerr opts to use him.

The star of the Warriors in this game is Stephen Curry. He is leading the team in both scoring and assists. As of the moment, he has knocked down 11 out of his 22 shots from the field along with two free throws to net his squad 31 points. He also dropped four assists when defenders blitzed him and an open man was readily seen in the passing lane. Games are won in the fourth quarter and, hopefully, the Warriors get their 27th win of the season.