The relationship between Draymond Green and Chris Paul was not always so sweet. Both of them seemed to be at odds with one another during the Golden State Warriors dynasty's rise. Their relationship seems to have grown as CP3 transitioned to other NBA teams such as the Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Phoenix Suns.

The two would always be at each other's throats during their battles in the mid to late 2010s. Green outlined how much he hated Paul, via Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN. “Eleven! I hated him. Eleven! But I think that's also a sign of respect,” the Warriors forward exclaimed.

He went into further detail as to why Paul irked him so much, “A guy that's at the center of everything. At the center of every play, the other team is running at the center of their defense.” Green revealed the specific parts of his game that he despised, “Talking on both ends of the floor, working the referees, working our coach, and working players in the middle of every tussle. Battling. Elbowing. Nasty.”

Draymond Green knew that there was only one way to beat Chris Paul in the NBA, “Of course, you're going to hate him [as an opponent]. And if you don't, guess what? You'll lose to him. We've seen a bunch of guys lose to him as well.”

Currently, the two are hoping to get another chip for the Warriors along with Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. Hate may be a strong word at times but it can be used as a motivational tool. Green is the perfect example despite CP3's moves to the Suns, Rockets, and Thunder.