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Warriors’ Draymond Green reacts to Devin Booker going full Steph Curry on Lakers

Draymond Green Steph Curry Warriors Devin Booker Suns Lakers

Stephen Curry is conspicuously absent from the 2021 NBA Playoffs. But the Golden State Warriors star has had a couple of his peers carry the long-range shooting torch.

Devin Booker put up his best offering to the three-point shooting GOAT, making all six of his triples in rapid succession. The Suns star did it all in the first quarter to bury the Lakers early.

Draymond Green is no stranger to witnessing such an eruption, playing alongside Splash Brothers Steph Curry and Klay Thompson throughout his entire career. The Warriors star just had to react to Book lighting it up, taking one of Mark Jones’ catchphrases to say he’s hotter than fish grease.

Booker has always been an incendiary star in this league.  The Suns All-Star famously scored 70 points in a single game back in 2017, becoming the sixth player in NBA history to do so and the first one since Kobe Bryant to reach the 70-point plateau. Book has averaged almost 26 points per game in the last five years. But this is the first time that those buckets have come in games that matters, with the bright lights of the playoffs shining the spotlight on him.

Devin Booker’s six early threes in just the first quarter also matched his career high in any game of his career. He garnered his seventh triple in the middle of the second on another bomb that you just knew was going in. Warriors fans know the exact sensation from when Curry goes en fuego.

The Warriors themselves were a one-eyed LeBron James shot away from being the Suns’ opponent in this series. But judging by how they’ve performed against this Lakers side, you’d be hard-pressed to see a scenario where they don’t advance.

LeBron James and his Lakers are on their last legs in Game 6. Devin Booker’s doing all he can to put them out of their misery.