On Tuesday evening, Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors will take on the Sacramento Kings on the road in a rematch of last season's first-round playoff series. The game will mark the return of Green from a five-game suspension as a result of an altercation he found himself involved in versus the Minnesota Timberwolves recently, and the Warriors will surely be glad to have the power forward back in the lineup.

Still, that isn't stopping some in the media from continuing to admonish Green for his actions. Recently, former NBA player turned Inside the NBA analyst Kenny Smith got real on why any apologies from Draymond Green no longer mean anything to him.

“There is no more apologizing… At 22, 23, 24 years old, you can keep apologizing,” said Smith on TNT's Inside the NBA. “But at this stage of his career, and a champion, we should be out of the apology stages of his career… He keeps crossing [the line].”

Adding an extra layer of irony to the proceedings is the fact that Green's return will occur against the Kings, a team he also found himself in some hot water with when he stomped on Sacramento big man Domantas Sabonis during last year's playoff matchup, which also resulted in a suspension. While every NBA team needs a player who isn't afraid to approach the line, Green has made a habit of stomping all the way over it at multiple junctures of his Warriors tenure.

Don't expect the fans in Sacramento to have a short memory.