Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has had numerous run-ins with head coach Steve Kerr over the years. Their complicated relationship reached a boiling point back on February 27, 2016,  when the pair nearly got into a physical altercation at halftime versus the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Green recently opened up about receiving a four-page letter from the Warriors coach following the incident. But rather than accepting Kerr's gesture, the three-time All-Star bared that he threw away the letter. Via Drew Shiller of NBC Sports:

“I was at a point where I'm like, ‘If he say one more thing to do me I'm about to f–king lose it on him.' He didn't say nothing. I was dying for him to say to say something so I could f–king go crazy. He wrote me a four-page letter. To this day, I can't tell you what the letter says. I read the first f–king line and it said, ‘Draymond — I wanted to write you this letter. I know things are rough right now and we're kind of bumping heads right now and we're at a standstill. You're frustrated and it's starting to boil over,'” the vocal forward said.

Green then credited Kerr for his patience and effort to repair their relationship, claiming the multi-titled tactician even reached out to his Michigan State coach Tom Izzo numerous times.

“I closed the letter up and threw it away. I say, ‘Yo, he know me! He got me figured out … I don't need to see anything else.' We were in Philly — I'll never forget. I had literally talked to coach Izzo on the phone. I'm like, ‘Coach, I'm about to f–king lose it. I'm f–king sick of Steve.' After I talked to coach Izzo — I had the letter for a few days, I didn't open it — I opened the letter, I read the first line and just threw it away. I can't tell you what the rest of it said,” Green added.

“But it was just cool because I'm like, ‘Damn, he figured it out.' He didn't say a word. F–king chess move, bro. I can't argue with a letter … it was f–king great.”

Kerr and Green's bond continues to be tested, as the injury-stricken Warriors notched the worst record in the league (15-50) prior to the suspension of the season.