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Draymond Green rips young players as ‘soft’ on Kevin Durant’s podcast

Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is embracing the “old head” mentality.

Green had  plenty to say about the current state of basketball during his appearance on Kevin Durant’s “The ETCs” podcast. The former Defensive Player of the Year acknowledged there is more talent than there has ever been in the NBA. However, he suggested the younger guys aren’t competitive enough in terms of mindset:

“There’s more talent around the league than there’s ever been,” Green said, via Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area. “From a talent standpoint, the league is in a good space. But as pure basketball lovers — who love competition at the highest level — I think they gotta catch up in that department.”

The 31-year-old said he has tried to light a fire and banter with up-and-comers around the league. But he suggested the new crop would rather try to be friendly rather than try to go out and kill him on the floor:

“They soft as hell. I’ve found myself trying to talk sh*t to some of these young dudes that won’t talk,” Green said, via Shiller. And they’re like trying to be a friend. That’s what these young dudes do nowadays. I don’t understand it.”

Green has never been one to back down from a challenge. He has also been unabashed throughout his career in speaking his mind.

Whether his assessment is accurate is up for debate. The likes of Anthony Edwards certainly have not been afraid to show the more competitive and fiery side on the floor. Edwards even criticized New York Knicks guard R.J. Barrett’s jump shot.

It’s also hard to blame younger players for showing reverence when the league has shifted towards superstars wanting to team up and play together. That trend does not exactly follow the mentality of star players in past eras. It’s not exactly breaking Golden State Warriors news that Green literally benefitted from Kevin Durant joining his squad to help create a mega-team.

The game is constantly evolving. But Green hopes the competitiveness comes to match the talent level.