SAN FRANCISCO — The Golden State Warriors defeated Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers 118-103 on Friday night.

Everything was going the Warriors' way, but with six seconds left in the game, Draymond Green had a frightening vision while Andrew Wiggins let the clock run down. Green saw another Warriors turnover coming. So he told Wiggins to shoot it, and at the last second, he knocked down a triple with just seconds remaining.

“Well, we got 15 turnovers, not trying to get 16. Get a shot up. It's not from a disrespectful standpoint. You don't want the turnover. So shoot the ball, at least get an attempt at the rim. Obviously, guys are going to stop and not shoot and take the turnover but shoot the ball. We don't want to take the turnover, so that's kind of it. It's not anything else is just not taking the turnover,” Green told ClutchPoints.

Green is having another great season and is on his way to being a finalist for Defensive Player of the Year. Against the Blazers, he had 12 points, 12 assists, and eight rebounds. Turnovers were the only thing Green didn't like about his game, and he didn't want Wiggins to follow in his footsteps.

“As someone who has six (turnovers), I had a nightmare when I saw us about to take another turnover,” Green said with a laugh.

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Hopefully, Wiggins' made three helped Green sleep well Friday night, and his mind can be at peace for Golden State's next game.

The Warriors are 17-2 with the best record in the NBA. Next, they will travel to Los Angeles to face the Clippers on Sunday. A win will keep the Dubs undefeated in their division and keep their six-game win streak alive.