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Warriors fans will roll their eyes at Brian Windhorst’s double down on ‘checkbook win’ take

Warriors, Stephen Curry, Jayson Tatum

ESPN’s NBA guru Brian Windhorst came out with a rather contentious statement following the Golden State Warriors’ Game 5 win over the Boston Celtics. According to the basketball analyst, he saw the Dubs’ victory as a “checkbook win,” in reference to Andrew Wiggins’ key role in their success on Monday night.

In his mind, Windy believes that the series is “not a level playing field” in favor of the Warriors. Golden State just has a clear financial advantage over their opponents, and the fact that they have a “fourth man who’s worth $30 million” is a clear testament to this fact, at least according to Windhorst.

Windhorst clarified his earlier statement on Wednesday’s episode of The Morning Roast on 95.7 The Game. The ESPN broadcaster explained that he wasn’t being negative about his remarks and that he was simply stating facts.

“It wasn’t a criticism, I was praising them,” Windhorst said (h/t Taylor Wirth of NBC Sports). “I’m saying, when you go against the Warriors, you’re going against a team that has incredible financial might. That’s just a true statement.”

Either way, Warriors fans aren’t going to like the notion being implied by Windhorst here that the Dubs bought their way to a victory in Game 5. Obviously, Windy’s opinion isn’t going to change, especially if Golden State ends up winning the title.