Warriors news: Dubs loss vs. Lakers guarantees they keep 2020 1st round pick
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Warriors’ loss vs. Lakers guarantees they keep 2020 1st round pick


Golden State Warriors fans knew that this season would be a rebuilding one for them. However, many were wondering whether the team would be able to keep the first-round pick that they traded when they sent Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets.

After their lopsided 116-86 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, the fate of their first-round pick has been secured. Their first overall pick will not be going anywhere, and they can pick among the league’s top young talent to add to their fold.

Anthony Slater reported what many Warriors fans may have intrinsically have known since Stephen Curry went down with an injury early in the season:

This means that the Warriors front office would have a field day choosing which player would suit their needs best. The fact that they will be getting the Splash Brothers back in action and Andrew Wiggins is still learning the ins and outs of Steve Kerr’s playbook, the Warriors are going to be stacked come the start of the 2020-21 season.

One of the heavy favorites to get selected by the Warriors is James Wiseman. The 18-year-old may not be playing for Memphis due to eligibility issues, but his talent shined in the three games he managed to play. He averaged 19.7 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 3.0 blocks ever game for the Tigers. Since the Warriors wouldn’t need wing players, he’s the obvious choice to go first overall.

However, the draft can go in an entirely different direction. It’s up to the Dubs to figure out which young player will best suit their needs to chase another NBA title.