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Dwane Casey suggests Warriors would still do its thing on the moon

Dwane Casey

The Golden State Warriors are in Canada to face the Toronto Raptors, and Raptors head coach Dwane Casey had some thoughts about the Warriors on the road.

The Warriors have won 12 consecutive road games, adding another tonight in Toronto, an amazing feat that only the elitist of elite basketball teams are able to do. Normally, NBA teams tend to play worse on the road because role players feel more comfortable with the home crowd behind them.

But not these Warriors. Dwane Casey said Golden State could play well no matter where it was, even if a game were being place outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, per Josh Lewenberg of The Sports Network.

This must make it difficult for home team playing the Warriors on any given night to feel comfortable. If a team can play just as well on the moon than it can on Earth, how do you stop it? It’s a quandary.

But it begs the question: What would basketball on the moon look like? How would it feel? Would it be in an arena, and just the surface is different, or would there be a way to play in spacesuits and use the moon’s gravity to your advantage? We need to see this.

Nevertheless, Casey’s point is well-taken. The Warriors are such a machine that they don’t see home and road. They just see wins.

The Raptors are a very good team this season, with a true home-court advantage. They have Drake the rapper attend so many of their home games that it’s impossible for that place not to be packed normally. But tonight, it wasn’t enough.