Warriors news: Eye-popping shooting numbers prove why Golden State has yet to reach its full ceiling
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Eye-popping shooting numbers prove why Golden State has yet to reach its full ceiling

Kevin Durant, Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have started their 2018-19 season a pedestrian 17-9 by their standards, but their efficiency shooting the ball has somehow remains equilaterally impeccable despite the myriad of injuries they have faced through the early stretch of the season.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe pointed to the Warriors’ shooting numbers, which rank first or second on six of seven categories and top-five in all seven of them — a clear sign of how potent this team can be when it doesn’t turn the ball over.

The Warriors lead the NBA in 3-point shooting at an efficient 39.8 percent clip, despite being only 19th in the league in shots attempted from long-range, but they are also second in corner threes and non-corner threes, according to Cleaning The Glass — making them lethal from any particular spot beyond the arc, whether these are contested shots or not.

Unsurprisingly, Golden State is also second in efficiency at the rim (68.3 percent) — which goes hand to hand with their prowess from deep, as the respect for elite 3-point shooters often opens up wide-open looks at the rim and cuts to the basket.

More impressively, the Warriors’ newfound love for the mid-range game has indeed paid off with more efficient shots, ranking second in the league in overall mid-rangers and even long twos, dropping off ever so slightly for short distance shots (floaters, hooks, push-shots and turnarounds close to the basket).

Golden State has missed its most efficient shooter in Stephen Curry for a three-week stretch this season, now flirting with a 50-50-90 campaign after only 15 games (51.9 percent from the field, 50.3 percent from deep, 93.1 percent from the stripe).

Draymond Green, the team leader in assists, has also been absent in 12 of the team’s last 14 games, unlocking yet another untapped dynamic along with the impending return of DeMarcus Cousins after Christmas rolls around.

If the Warriors can keep up this insane shooting display, despite the absences, it’s only a matter of time before they begin to tap into their full ceiling if everyone can manage a clean bill of health at one point in the season.