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VIDEO: Fake Klay Thompson reveals how he snuck into Chase Center before Game 5 of Warriors-Celtics

Warriors, Klay Thompson, Fake Klay

As Golden State Warriors fans probably know by now, popular Klay Thompson impersonator, Dawson Gurley, has been banned from entering Chase Center after his latest act.

On Twitter, Gurley–popular for his YouTube channel BigDawsTV–shared that he was slapped with the indefinite ban for deceiving Chase Center security that he was Thompson. Now in the latest video from the YouTuber, he showed how he managed to pull off the hilarious stunt before Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and Boston Celtics.

Based on the video, Dawson Gurley and his cameraman managed to get into the players’ entrance even without proper credentials. Obviously, everyone thought he was Klay Thompson, with someone even telling him “Let’s get a dub today Klay.”

Fake Klay then proceeded to go to the court and shoot some shots before everyone else gets into the floor. He was actually doing good shooting his triples like the real Klay, though he did airball a layup (which might have given him away). A security personnel then asked them for their credentials and when they were unable to present anything, they were escorted out.

It looked like it was all fun for the security team, as the woman guiding them even laughed at Fake Klay reasoning out they were just looking for the team shop.

Unfortunately for Fake Klay, he won’t be going to the Warriors’ team shop or to their home games for the foreseeable future.