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Klay Thompson impersonator gets banned from Warriors’ Chase Center before Game 5

Warriors, Klay Thompson

The things people do for YouTube clout these days. Dawson Gurley (known for his YouTube channel BigDawsTV) became famous in 2017 for his uncanny resemblance to Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson. He became popular amongst NBA fans as “Fat Klay”. However, fans will likely never see the impersonator in Dubs home games again.

Gurley tweeted out ahead of Game 5 of the Warriors’ Finals series against the Boston Celtics that he has been banned from Chase Center. The YouTuber would then tweet out the letter given to him regarding his ban. Take a look for yourself and see whether he deserves a ban.

According to the letter, Gurley entered through Chase Center’s employee entrance without the requisite credentials. The letter would go on to say that the YouTuber “deliberately deceived” the staff by pretending to be Thompson. As a result, Gurley would be indefinitely banned from attending Warriors home games or any other event inside Chase Center.

Gurley seems to be taking it in stride, though. The YouTuber would tweet out shortly that he thought his actions were worth a ban from watching Warriors home games, saying that:

Thompson and the Warriors have more important things to worry about than a rouge impersonator. They are playing a crucial Game 5 at home against a feisty Celtics team. Thompson has been rather hit-or-miss this series: He’d have a couple of good games, but he’s also had some Grade-A stinkers. GSW is hoping that Game 6 Klay returns one game early, as a win here would at the very least give them a guaranteed Game 7 at home.