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Warriors positioned to make moves for Bradley Beal, per ESPN’s Brian Windhorst

Warriors, Bradley Beal

The Golden State Warriors will be a different animal next season, with both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson expected to be fully healthy once the new campaign tips off. As it is, many believe that a healthy Dubs side will mount a serious challenge for the title in the coming season. Bringing in Washington Wizards All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal via trade should only make them overwhelming favorites.

This is exactly what ESPN’s Brian Windhorst discussed in a recent on a recent episode of the “Briand Widhorst & The Hoop Collective” podcast. The NBA insider detailed a potential trade package for Beal:

“The trade there is pretty simple,” Windhorst said. “Andrew Wiggins is involved from a salary standpoint. And then it would be the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft, the (Minnesota) Timberwolves pick next year, and then I also included Minnesota’s second-round pick next year — which I anticipate to be a very good selection.”

This makes a lot of sense.

While the Wizards have already indicated their desire to keep Beal on board, this show of commitment has done little to discourage other teams from doing their due diligence on the availability of the 27-year-old. The Warriors could table a very attractive offer for Washington — one that other interested parties might not be able to match.

Windhorst added, however, that trading for Beal isn’t going to be a walk in the park for Golden State. He believes that the two-time All-Star will need to demand for a trade for this deal to come to fruition:

 “Golden State would be much better off if Bradley Beal says in the next month, ‘I don’t want to play in Washington anymore.’ Over the next month, I think they have the best offer,” he added. “I think once you get into the season — and they’ve already driven the new car off the lot with that second pick …”

Another fair point from Bontemps here. The Warriors are on the clock, and they better make their move now if they want to give themselves the best shot at landing Beal, and in the process, creating a seemingly unstoppable superteam.