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Jared Dudley says best way to limit Warriors’ Stephen Curry on offense is by wearing him down on defense

Stephen Curry, Warriors

Brooklyn Nets small forward Jared Dudley says the best way to limit Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry on offense is by wearing him down on defense.

Dudley says the Houston Rockets should put Curry in as many pick-and-rolls as they can to tire out the Warriors guard so he doesn’t have loads of energy to go off on offense.

“I’m being physical. I want to wear him down,” Dudley told Ethan Strauss of The Athletic. “I’ll take two or three fouls of different players off holding and grabbing him. I want to use my offense to run him in pick-and-roll to wear him down. I want Steph Curry to be attacked every time down.

“To me, Steph Curry has to have at least 28 to 32 for them to win. If he’s not going to get that, we have to wear him down. So the way to wear him down is holding him, grabbing him, attacking him. So for him, I want him driving to the basket. No 3s. Steph Curry, you can have 10 layups. Ten layups for 20 points. He hits two 3s, that’s 26 and 26 is not cutting it in this game. You don’t want him to be 5 for 12 from 3. There are 3s that Steph hits that ignites their whole team.”

Curry and the Warriors are up 3-2 on the Rockets in the second round of the playoffs. The Warriors can advance to the Western Conference Finals by defeating Houston on Friday in Game 6.

With Kevin Durant out, the Warriors are going to need Curry to take his game to another level. The two-time MVP is averaging 23.5 points in the 2019 playoffs, but he’s shooting just 26.3 percent from beyond the arc in the series against Houston.