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Warriors’ Jordan Bell surprisingly asks about tipping at restaurants

Jordan Bell

Did Jordan Bell seriously just ask this? The Golden State Warriors forward took to Twitter to ask a question about tipping at restaurants, and the question is sure to raise some hairs.

Uh, a couple of things, Jordan.

First of all, yes; you are supposed to tip your waiter or waitress in the United States. That’s how it works. In other countries, tipping is not required, but in America, if you don’t leave a gratuity, well, let’s just say you shouldn’t plan on going back to that establishment any time soon.

Second, uh, Jordan; you play in the NBA. You make more than enough money to leave a proper tip. This season, Bell is making $1.4 million, so, yeah; that is more than enough to leave a tip without complaining about it.

Now, there is the possibility that Bell was asking just because he was genuinely curious. Perhaps he does tip his servers. Maybe he even tips them generously. But, him asking this question leads me to believe otherwise.

Basketball-wise, Bell is actually having a pretty disappointing season thus far. Expected to play a larger role in the Warriors rotation this season, Bell is averaging just 2.8 points and 2.8 rebounds over 12.6 minutes per game while shooting 52.2 percent from the floor and 65 percent from the free-throw line.

Those numbers are actually all down from his rookie campaign, when he registered 4.6 points and 3.6 boards across 14.2 minutes a night, making 62.7 percent of his shots and 68.2 percent of his free throws.

The Warriors currently own a record of 21-10 and sit in second place in the Western Conference.