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Warriors news: Kevin Durant aggressively gets after Steph Curry over blown assignment

Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant

All might seem mostly well for the Golden State Warriors. Well, that was until Kevin Durant aggressively went after Steph Curry over a blown defensive assignment on Friday night.

First, take a gander at the beautiful bean footage:

Oddly enough, despite dominating the first few games of the series, Golden State headed into halftime trailing New Orleans by six.

In the grand scheme of things, this is obviously the bigger and far more fun story, even if there’s actually nothing here.

Kevin Durant, who has gone on long crusades swearing he dislikes blogger boys despite having burner accounts on Twitter to argue with them, has been rather aggressive with his leadership since joining the Warriors. Maybe Draymond Green rubbed off on him or he could have simply found himself as a man or something. Who knows?

As for Steph Curry, he was never really known for his defense. But to be fair to the dynamic guard, he was only in his second game back from injury. While that clearly seemed to be a lack of effort from Curry, you can’t expect all the rust to be off of him by this point.

What will clearly be more interesting about this, though, will be the fallout after the game when someone asks Durant about his aggressive clapping, then Durant acting like the person asking the question shouldn’t be doing so.

I kid.

Again, this is nothing. Players yelling at each other during games does happen all the time. Everything just so happens to be magnified during the playoffs.