Warriors news: Kevin Durant apologizes for ejection, say he must keep his mouth shut to avoid them
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Warriors’ Kevin Durant apologizes for ejection, say he must keep his mouth shut to avoid them

Kevin Durant, Warriors

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant quickly apologized for his ejection in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s Game 1 matchup against the LA Clippers, one that saw him constantly jawing with known instigator Patrick Beverley, the last of them with 4:41 left in the fourth quarter, which caused him to hit the showers early:

“I don’t want to disappoint my coaches and my fan base and owners that expect me to be out there on the floor, so I apologize for getting thrown out of the game,” said a contrite Durant on Monday.

Asked what must change in order to avoid getting thrown out in the future, Durant had a quick answer:

“I just have to keep my mouth shut and just play the game,” he said. “It’s simple.”

Durant has now racked up two technical fouls of the six allowed before a seventh triggers a one-game suspension, an issue head coach Steve Kerr was quick to raise during his postgame comments.

The Warriors expect to make a long run once again this postseason, which doesn’t bode well for Durant if he can’t keep his composure throughout each of this series.

Durant racked up a total of 15 technical fouls in the regular season, one away from a suspension, conduct that raises questions as the Warriors enter more trying scenarios in the postseason.

While the two technicals didn’t mean much in terms of affecting this game, racking them up could mean something as the playoffs go on, considering he only has four more to play with for the entire playoff run.